Pixels at an Exhibition
Deadline for submissions: January 15
Voting begins on January 15 through January 20
Reception and show opening January 30, 4-8 PM

Giorgi Gallery
2911 Claremont Blvd.
Berkeley, CA

Exhibit: January 30 – February 27, 2010

Details at iphontography.org

200 images will be printed and displayed in the gallery for the month of February 2010, and will be sold as individual works of art. A book will be published that will include all of the images along with names and a short bio of each iPhoneographer.

Deadline for submissions: January 10. Voting begins on January 15 through January 20. Reception and show opening January 30. There is no submission fee, but each iPhoneographer is limited to 5 images.

Register at iphontography.org and read the submission guidelines to start.

Note from =M=: Another deadline for a brick-and-mortar iPhoneography exhibition looms, this one on the west coast at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley. I’m submitting my 5 images to this exhibit and I’m looking forward to seeing what organizer Knox Bronson has in store for the overall project. I like the idea of a book — the catalog — of the exhibition, and the opportunity it gives for the permanence of print.

Images that have been submitted for this exhibition are currently on display at iphontography.org.