The latest version of Mobile has just been released. We reviewed the app previously and, for the most part, this update builds on all that was good about the first release.

The new update adds several tools which should have been included in the first release. Straighten, Sharpen and Contrast tools are now included, as well as several new borders. The Sharpen and Contrast tools work like the other adjustment tools in PS Mobile, with a finger swipe across the screen. The Straighten tool uses a two-finger gesture to rotate the image to an onscreen grid. All three tools are pretty straightforward and easy to use.

I think several of the new borders are too cheesy for any serious effects, but casual photographers will have fun adding frames around their images. I like the subtlety of the new vignette border. The film emulsion border is looks good, but it maintains the straight edge along the image frame and doesn’t add any random elements inside. I am disappointed that the plain white border in the previous version has been replaced with a thinner white border with a beveled edge. The old border resembled a classic photograph style and I used it often because PS Mobile applied it quickly and easily.

You can also view videos from your account. Everything else about the app is the same, including the price — still free. It’s still not the definitive image-editing app for iPhone, but with this update, it is definitely improved.

App Store link: Mobile