ClassicPan is a vintage-style panoramic camera app from misskiwi. I recently reviewed version 1.0.1 of the app. ClassicPan has been updated to version 1.0.3, currently available in the App Store, and it is a great update. Not only does it fix the two biggest issues I had with the app, but it adds two new film modes and some minor UI tweaks.

ClassicPan now supports higher resolutions. It now gives the option to save at 1530 x 680 pixels. While not full resolution for any iPhone, this is most certainly usable. The higher resolution also helps improve the details of the vintage filters.

The film grain on the High-Speed Black & White filter has been greatly improved. It’s lighter, softer and now has variance — much like real film. It’s now a more subtle noise effect and is one of the more realistic film grain effects available.

The two new filters are gorgeous. The High-Quality Vivid Film filter nicely adds color saturation and contrast. I found it to be a little on the cooler side, which reminded me of some of the Fuji 35mm films I’d shot with. The Vintage Damaged Film filter not only adds a great sepia to the image, but a subtle amount of dust and dirt around the edge of the frame. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Sepia filters, but I like the look and texture of ClassicPan’s.

Another nice addition, albeit a minor one, is greater functionality for the shutter button, which can now also be used as an “Apply” button in the app’s settings.

This new update makes ClassicPan a great, unique vintage camera app to have. No other app available produces vintage panos in one camera and the quality of the filters is superb. The developer is responsive and quick to fix issues with the app — actually a little ahead of their planned release schedule. They have some great plans for this app.

I highly recommend this updated app if you’ve been waiting for the fixes.

ClassicPan is still $0.99 USD.

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