Glyn Evans recently reviewed the app Straighten Image by appingo on his blog

I was amazed at just how quick, easy and simple this app was to use, but the most interesting thing, and more importantly omitted from the AppStore description, is the save photos are upscaled, and so on my iPhone 3G, were saved at full-res.  Now I’m not sure if this app saves at full-res on the iPhone 3GS, so if anyone has an iPhone 3GS and this, then maybe they could comment on the resolution.

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Apart from the simplicity of the app, the feature that I like the most about Straighten Image is its ability to save an image back at its original size, even though some of the pixels will have been trimmed in the straightening process. On my 2G, even an image that’s been straightened considerably is saved back at 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Although several other apps have a straightening tool, among them Photogene and PhotoForge, very few offer the image resampling that Straighten Image does. The straighten function is a free rotation and can rotate your images in 1/10th of a degree increments if your finger is steady enough. It does as good a job or better than other tools available. Being able to keep those extra pixels that used to get shaved off is a most welcomed feature.

My bottom line, at $0.99 USD, this app gets high recommendations from me as well. Because of its ease, simplicity and functionality, Straighten Image will quickly become one of my most used photo apps.

App Store link: Straighten Image



Glyn Evans is the publisher of and has given me permission to post a link to his review here on Life In Lo-Fi.