Pixels at an Exhibition
through March 2010

iPhoneography: His Name is Freddy

His Name is Freddy

This month, March 2010, I am glad and honored to have been invited to be the first featured photographer for Pixels at an Exhibition. Knox Bronson is the curator and webmaster for PixelEx and helped put together the recent Giorgi Gallery exhibit of iPhone photography.

I recently shot a photo story just for this gallery. They’ll only be posted at PixelEx this month.

I love the spontaneity of shooting with an iPhone. Despite the relatively low resolution of my 2G, it really can take remarkable photos. More importantly, it’s there with me all the time to capture remarkable images. As they say, I have a camera that I sometimes use to make phone calls.

Head over to my intro page on PixelEx and you can click here to view my images.

Thank you, Knox et al, for this opportunity.

I hope y’all enjoy my photography. Thank you for visiting.



Link:  Pixels at an Exhibition