SwankoLab sample images - from the makers of Hipstamatic

The Darkroom of Yesterday, Today

Synthetic Infatuation, the makers of the extremely popular Hipstamatic app, have announced that their next iPhone app, SwankoLab, is set to be released in early April barring any unexpected delays in testing or the approval process.

We don’t have much information on the new app yet. There’s a new SwankoLab website with a few details and sample images.

“Introducing SwankoLab, a brand new darkroom kit from the makers of Hipstamatic. It’s a loving recreation of the pre-digital era classic. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment!

“It’s the darkroom, only less messy and less dark. SwankoLab is a handheld darkroom kit for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment.

“SwankoLab includes eight magical photo-altering chemicals, a formula book, an embossed development tray, and a super cool hand-engraved box to store your photo supplies and prints in.”

If the above video doesn’t work, click here to see a video of SwankoLab in action.

The interface is very analog. The animations are incredible. Unlike Hipstamatic, you can use images from your iPhone or iPod Touch’s entire photo library. You can also save “formulas” in the app’s built-in Formula’s Notebook. It looks like SwankoLab supports full resolution in the iPhones 2G, 3G, and 3GS.

Upon release, nine additional darkroom chemicals (HipstaSpeak for filters) will be available for a one-time subscription fee of $1.99 USD. Additional filters will be added free for subscribers with each update.

If you can’t wait until April, there’s a swanky teaser video here which shows a breakaway view of your iPhone as the SwankoLab does its magic. Okay, it’s a virtual breakaway view and virtual magic but the music is genuinely swanky….

No word on pricing yet.



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