FlashPhix iPhone DRCFlashPhix 2.2 by Phoenxsoftware is on sale now for only $0.99 USD. The app is 50% off until the new update is released. FlashPhix provides you with a set of features which enable you to control a picture’s exposure, colors and contrast to the detail.

This is the full version, not the lite version, and it recently sold for $1.99. The app is from the makers of the excellent MonoPhix app, which produces some of the best color-to-monochrome conversion available on the iPhone.

While I haven’t reviewed FlashPhix 2 here yet, I do use the app. FlashPhix often produces very good results for me when I use it to fix the exposure of an image. It’s easy to use, but also offers enough additional controls to make purchasing the full version worthwhile especially now that it’s on sale. This also gets you into the update path.

I’m unsure how long before the update will be released and FlashPhix returns to its normal price. If you’ve been considering buying this app, hurry to the App Store now.

App Store link: FlashPhix