Regardless of our camera preference, some things in photography are universal and a well-composed photograph is one of those constants. Starting with a good image in camera is one less thing to fix in post-production.

One of the advantages iPhoneographers have over traditional digital photography is the tremendous amount of apps at our disposal that we can use to process our photos. Almost no amount of “apping” can save a poorly composed photograph. Recently, Photo Tuts+ blog ran a great story on tips for better image composition. The post goes beyond the Rule of Thirds and offers other advice for creating well-framed shots. It’s an excellent read for the novice and a good refresher for seasoned photographers.

That’s not to say that these are hard and fast rules that must be obeyed. In fact, there are always exceptions. But I’m a huge proponent of learning the rules — learning how and why things work — so that when the opportunity arises, you know when to break them.

One of the first composition rules we learn in photography is the rule-of-thirds. But once you’ve understood this concept, what else can you do to improve the composition of your photos? It will get you started, but there’s more to composition than where you place your subject in the frame.

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