Yup. That’s us!

Many of you already know this by now, but Glyn Evans (who publishes the iPhoneography blog) and I have teamed up to create and publish iPhoneography, the World’s First iPhone Photography Magazine. Our first issue will be published this Summer.

Both he and I feel that this is the logical progression for our knowledge, talents and resources. iPhoneography magazine is a project that he and I have been planning for months. I’m excited to be working together with Glyn and I’m really excited about the new and extended features that the magazine will give us the time, the layout and the medium to present.

As the art of iPhoneography grows, Glyn, myself and others felt there is a need both within and outside of the community for a magazine. We hope to pull together the iPhoneography community in a greater way than an exclusive online presence can. We hope to broaden the appeal of iPhoneography to both those who have iPhones and haven’t fully explored the capabilities of their cameras and to those who love photography and aren’t aware of the art an iPhone can create.

You are part of an incredibly creative community. I’m continually amazed at the level of work you create. We are all at the forefront of a democratization, if you will, of photography. iPhoneography magazine hopes to share, inform, educate and inspire all levels of iPhoneographers.

The iPhoneography blog and Life in Lofi are key components in the success of this community. Glyn and I aren’t going to be gutting our blogs for the sake of the magazine. The blogs and the magazine will work in tandem. We are taking the magazine to places we can’t easily go with the blogs. The blogs are and will remain essential resources for timely information, reviews, breaking news and iPhoneography showcases.

We’ll be rolling out information and other elements in the coming weeks. I’m very happy to be partnering with Glyn on this project. I’m excited about working with the colleagues we have lined up. And I’m honored to be part of this very talented and creative community.

Glyn and I are already working on our first three issues. We’ve got some cool stuff planned! We’re going to give you one hell of a magazine….

Below the jump is the official press release announcing the magazine. In the weeks to come, you’ll be hearing more about some of the features of iPhoneography magazine.

iPhoneography Magazine Press Release

The iPhoneography Blog and LifeInLoFi.com Join Forces to Launch “iPhoneography”, the World’s First iPhone Photography Magazine

DALLAS, TX May 10, 2010 – In a joint announcement, Glyn Evans, publisher of the iPhoneography blog and Marty Yawnick, publisher of Life In LoFi: iPhoneography, are combining talent and resources to create “iPhoneography”, the World’s First iPhone Photography Magazine.

The Premier Issue will be available this Summer and will be distributed in both electronic and print-on-demand formats. iPhoneography magazine will be published bi-monthly.

Content will feature iPhoneography showcases of well-known and up-and-coming iPhone photographers, extended photo app and product reviews, and photo manipulation techniques (also known as “apping”) for novice and advanced iPhone photographers.

iPhoneography magazine will be a resource for iPhoneographers worldwide. It’s a logical progression from the two top iPhone photography blogs. The magazine will not effect the content of these two resources, and Glyn and Marty say that the focus of the magazine will be more long-form and in-depth content, which lends itself better to the layout and publishing cycle of a magazine.

“The iPhone is much more than just another camera-phone and has changed the way in which we take, edit and share our photos with friends, family and the world, and is the next milestone in the history of photography” says Glyn Evans from the iPhoneography blog.

“The iPhone with its wide range of photo editing apps is just like having a darkroom in your pocket” Glyn continues. “As Apple continues to improve the iPhone’s camera features, so we will see an increased growth in the number of people using it as a serious image capturing tool, from enthusiasts to professionals to journalists, and this can only be good for Apple, photo app developers and magazines like iPhoneography”.

“It’s not the highest quality camera, but working around its limitations, the iPhone can take surprisingly good pictures,” says Life In LoFi’s Marty Yawnick. “One of the advantages the iPhone has over traditional digital photography is the availability of thousands of iPhone photo apps which can be used to apply filters and really alter the look and feel of the image – and it’s all done on the iPhone.”

“Cell-phone photography is still an underground art and I think the iPhone is pinnacle,” Marty continues. “There is some amazing photography being created by many talented people on their iPhones. Using the camera of the iPhone you can get photographs that you can’t get with any other camera. It’s a camera that’s almost always with you. It allows you to capture images you’d otherwise miss as well as allowing the photographer to really get closer to the subject, giving the viewer a more personal experience with the photograph.”

The art of iPhoneography is simply photos that are shot and processed only on an iPhone. It’s unique in that no other camera platform has the number and variety of inexpensive photo apps which allow the iPhoneographer to tweak the image and apply effects without using any other device.

The art of iPhoneography has even found its way out of the digital realm as galleries and exhibits, such as the ongoing “Pixels at an Exhibition”, are featuring enlargements shot and processed exclusively on the iPhone.

“I am really excited to be working with Marty on this joint venture” says Glyn, “which will bring together all the best parts of our blogs and more, in this electronic and printed medium”

“I’m excited about this project and to be working with Glyn,” says Marty. “I think our strengths compliment each other’s and working together we can accomplish more more than both of us could on our own.”

The iPhoneography Blog is the first blog dedicated to iPhone photography and is the world’s leading iPhoneography blog.

Life In LoFi: iPhoneography is one of the leading blogs about iPhone photography and capturing the world in digital lo-fi. Featuring galleries, news, techniques, app reviews for serious and casual iPhoneographers, and the musings of iPhoneographer Marty Yawnick.

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