pano 360While the next update is going through the App Store approval process, Panoramatic 360 by floaty is on sale for $0.99 USD — that’s a savings of $2.

While apps like AutoStitch Panorama and Pano get most of the attention when it comes to pano apps, Panoramatic 360 is at least worth a look. While not as fast as either AutoStitch or Pano, it has features that both apps lack.

There’s a lot to like about Panoramatic 360. You can use both the in-app camera or you can import images from your iPhone’s camera roll. Output resolutions are generally higher than AutoStitch or Pano. You can save your panos as drafts in the app’s onboard gallery, allowing you to add panels or change optimization settings later. The app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer for an optional level when aligning images. There’s Auto-Vignetting Correction to help match the luminance levels of the panels. It’s got several controls for image size and stitching accuracy.

Panoramatic 360 still has a few issues which will hopefully be addressed in the new update. It’s slow… painfully slow. To its credit, the app is doing some pretty heavy processing under the hood — more than AutoStitch or Pano. Galleries load slowly. Importing images from your camera roll is a one-at-a-time proposition which is very slow compared to AutoStitch’s click-all-you-need approach. Sometimes, the stitching algorithms aren’t very accurate and produce strange results.

It’s not perfect, but for $0.99 and some screen real estate, you may find that it’s worth a look. It probably won’t be your go-to pano app, but it’s a good app to keep in your Toolbox. This sale is a good chance to give it a try.

App Store link: Panoramatic 360



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