monophix HD, monochrome conversion app for iPad

MonoPhix HD screenshot


UPDATE: Those went fast! We have given out all of our promo codes for MonoPhix HD for iPad. If you missed out, stay tuned for more giveaways.  =M=

Got an iPad? Want a free copy of MonoPhix HD? We’ve got some promo codes to give away. Read on for more info….

MonoPhix for iPhone is my go-to monochrome conversion app. With minimal tweaking, both MonoPhix apps do an outstanding job of converting color images to grayscale, high-contrast monochrome, or any number of shades in between. I highly recommend the iPhone versions.

MonoPhix HD brings these same capabilities to the big screen of the iPad. Rewritten to take advantage of the larger iPad screen, MonoPhix HD for iPad sports an interface that’s easy to use and designed for iPad.

Life In LoFi has a few free promo codes to give away. I’ll send one promo code to each of the first 4 readers who request one. Send me an email, or simply ask for one in the comments section below. One code per reader, please.

These codes work in the U.S. App Store only. Be sure to include an email address somewhere in your post for me to send the code to.

If you don’t get one of the free codes, MonoPhix HD is only $1.99 USD. (App Store link)

Big thanks to Renzo at Phoenxsoftware for providing Life In LoFi with these free MonoPhix HD promo codes.



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