When the lost iPhone 4 prototype turned up on Gizmodo several weeks ago, I dug a little deeper and wrote a follow up piece focusing on the iPhone 4’s camera. It looks like I was pretty close.

With the iPhone 4 street date just a few days away, Chris Foresman on Ars Technica takes us on a more in-depth tour of both of the iPhone 4’s cameras. It’s a great read with a lot of in-depth information and specs on the new camera.

In all, the iPhone 4 offers a lot of photo and video power for the average user—some may even find it enough to consider eschewing a standalone point-and-shoot still camera or compact camcorder. Those with more serious imaging needs won’t be ditching a DSLR or 3-CCD video camera anytime soon, but there are a few welcome improvements for casual use. Judging from the samples Apple has provided so far, the improved camera hardware looks like it will be a solid performer.

Click here to read the entire story, Sizing up the iPhone 4 for shutterbugs, on Ars Technica >>>

Many of us will have our hands on one on Thursday. It looks like the iPhone 4 camera will be a significant improvement over the 3GS camera and a huge improvement over a 2G/3G camera. I’m looking forward to the wider angle of view and the greatly improved light sensitivity. Here’s hoping that iPhone photo apps catch up to the new hardware soon.



Big thanks to Knox Bronson at Pixels At An Exhibition for pointing me to this link.