CameraBag Plastic filter

CameraBag's new "Plastic" filter


On the eve of the release of the iPhone 4, it’s time to check iTunes for update goodies. One of them is the venerable CameraBag. Version 1.85 was released today and includes a new lo-fi filter, “Plastic”. The new filter replicates a cheap, plastic toy camera. Plastic adds a nice vignette and warm tones to the image. It’s different than the app’s original “Helga” filter which also applies a vignette but more desaturated, cooler tones.

To view more more samples of the new filter, visit the Nevercenter blog here.

The update is live in the App Store now. If you don’t have CameraBag in your toolbox, you really should. It’s one of the older photo apps in the App Store, but in the opinion of many an iPhoneographer — myself included — it’s timeless and one of the classics.

CameraBag is $1.99 and runs on the iPhone 4.

App Store link: CameraBag