Fort Worth University Park Apple Store 90 minutes before close

Line at Fort Worth/University Park Apple Store 90 minutes before close


6:30 PM Central time. 90 minutes before store close, there are still long lines at the Fort Worth University Park Apple Store. Even with over 30 cashiers working, wait times are estimated at 3-4 hours just to get into the store. Wait times in other stores around the country are anywhere between 1-4 hours at this time — in some areas even longer.

iPhone cases are sold out here and the Fort Worth store is no longer accepting walk-ups. Fort Worth is a medium sized market — about 1.5 million people — and I suspect this scenario is similar to other markets and Apple Stores of this size.

If you reserved your iPhone 4 and have been holding off going to the Apple Store because of the lines, see if your local Apple Store has a waiting list for tomorrow. Some Apple Stores may be extending the pickup period by one day and will hold your iPhone 4 for pickup until end of business tomorrow, Friday June 25th. You’ll have to go to the Apple Store in person and find an employee with a waiting list. There were several of them combing the Fort Worth line. If your store has one and you’re reading this in line, they’ve probably already found you.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 4 is flying out of stores. Fort Worth-area AT&T stores are already sold out. Many Fort worth-area Best Buy stores got few or zero new iPhones. If you reserved yours and are unable to pick it up today (or tomorrow), it looks like it’ll be a wait before more new iPhones become available.