iPhone 4Updated: 01.07.11

The new iPhone 4 brings a better, 5MP camera to iPhoneography. How do your favorite iPhone photo apps work with the new hardware and the new iOS 4? I found that many of them work surprisingly well on the iPhone 4.

Some apps have already been updated to take advantage of the auto-focus camera introduced with the iPhone 3GS and many apps have recently been updated for iOS 4 compatibility.

Life In LoFi has created this searchable chart which lists how many of the popular photo apps (and even a few obscure ones) work with the new iPhone 4 and the new OS. The table also lists the maximum output resolutions and if there are any other known issues with the app. This isn’t necessarily an indication of how the apps will perform in iOS 4 on an older device, but how they perform on the iPhone 4.

See how your favorites fared below, after the jump.

iPhone 4 Photo App Compatibility

Updated: 01.07.11
Newly added or recently updated apps will have an * next to their name.
Some apps that don’t support the Apple digital zoom feature use their own built-in digital zoom.


Photo AppVersioniPhone 4 Compatible?Autofocus, Flash, & Zoom Support?Max ResolutionShutter Bug?Other Issues?
10X Camera Tools1.0.2326.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
10X Camera Tools Pro1.0.2326.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
360 Panorama3.1Y>3500x960N
7.0 MPX Camera2.1YF3180x2375Y
AccuSmart Camera *1YAF, F, Z2581x1936N
Adobe Photoshop Express1.3.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, >3180x2370N
almost DSLR *1.3YAF, F2592x1936NNo zoom support
Auto Adjust3Yn/a2592x1936, >3180x2370
AutoStitch Panorama3.1Yn/ahuge
Backgroundz1.33YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
BeFunky FX1.2YAF, F, Z500x500N
Best Camera *1.3.2YAF, F, Z2592x2592N
Blue Tint Cleaner *1.5.0Y2592x1936n/a
BlurFX *3.1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370NFormerly Blurred Photo
Bracket Mode *1YAF2592x1936N
Burst Mode *1.2YAF640x480N
Camera All In One1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 5184x3872NNo override for flash settings. Auto flash only.
Camera Flash Deluxe *1.2.3Y2592x1936
Camera Genius *3.0.0YF, Z2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera HD1.0.1N
Camera Magic1.6.1YF, Z2048x1536YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera N11.21YF1600x1200Y
Camera One: All-In-13.9YF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Plus *2.4YAF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Plus Pro *3YAF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Camera Prime1.1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Camera XL1.02YF3666x2738N
Camera+ *2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
CameraBag1.86YAF, F, Z2592x1936, >3180x2370N
CameraKit1.9.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Cameramatic *1.1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
CameraTAN *3.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Camtastic *1.0YAF, F2592x1936N
Chromocam Dots1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
ClassicINSTA *4.1.0YAF, F1936x1936N
ClassicINSTA Free *1.0.0YAF, F1000x1000N
ClassicTOY *5.0.1YF2592x1728N
ClearCam1.7.1YAF, F2592x1936, ~3888x2904N
Color Leap3YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Color Splash1.5YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
ColorBlast1Y>2592x1936images 1080x806 px if saved as a project
ColorRight1YAF, F2592x1936N
colorShadow *1.21Yn/a2592x1936
ColorTaste with TOY LENS1.1YAF, F, Z808x604N
Crop Smart1NAF, F, ZN
Crop Suey1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Cross Process1.7YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Darkroom3.5.2YF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Darkroom Pro3.5.2YF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Decim8 *1.2YF2592x1936N
Diptic2YAF, F, Z2592x2592N
dotfunc(camera)1.0.1YAF, F2048x2048N4:3 ratio is 1536x2048 max. resolution
DXP2.1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
DXP Free1.5.6YAF, F, Z808x604N
EffectsLab1.3Yn/a2565x1916Currently unavailable in the App Store
Eraser Camera3YF1920x1344Y
FILM LAB1.1YAF, F, Z>2592x1936N
FilterFX for Free1.4Yn/a2592x1936
Filterstorm2.6.1YAF, F, Z3078x2200N
Fisheye for Free1.5Yn/a2592x2592
Flash for Free1.7Yn/a2592x1936
Flash Hero2.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
FocalLab1.4YAF, F, Z1600x1200N
Focusoid1.1.0YAF, F, Z1600x1600N
Format1261YAF, F, Z2381x1820NCurrently unavailable in the App Store
Fotomecha1.07YF1024x768, 1917x1440N
FX Photo Studio *YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
GorillaCam1.2.1YF, Z2592x1936NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
GreenSpot Fix *1.2Yn/a2592x1936n/a
HD Camera - Double Resolution *2.4YAF, F, Z3888x2904NDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Hipstamatic *185YF1936x1936N
Hot Shots Digital Camera1YF, Z2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
iCorrect OneClick Color2YAF, F, Z2048x1536N
imphoto Pro2.5.1YAF, F, Z2048x1536NCurrently unavailable in the App Store
Infinicam1.05YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Instagram1.0.6YAF, F612x612N
Instant Camera1.3.1YAF, F, Z1000x1160N
Iris Photo Suite1.4YAF, F, Z2592x1936, >3500x3500N
Layers for iPhone2.4.2Yn/a1024x1024, 4096x4096The larger .PSD exports are upsampled from the 1024x1024 original
Lenses1NF1600x1200NMay be minor iOS 4 incompatibility
LifeCards - Postcards1.5.1YAF, F, Z1600x1200N
Live FX2.1YF, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
lo-mob1.4.56YAF, F, Z>2592x1936N
LOFI1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 1170x1156NSingle pane images shot in LOFI are 5MP. Currently unavailable
LomoLomo Pro *1.1YAF, F1936x1936N
Magic Selection1YAF, F, Z480x480N
Magic Shutter *1YF720x960N
Mill Colour1.1YAF, F, Z1600x1200NSet to 1600x1200 resolution. Using Original results in 1280x957 res.
Monochromia *1.3.6YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
MonoPhix *3.0.2Yn/a2592x1936, 3180x2370
MonoPhix Lite2Yn/a2592x1936, 3180x2370
Monotone1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
moreMono1YAF, F, Z1024x768N
MovieFX for Free1.4Yn/a2592x1936
NightCam Live1.1Y1024x768N
NoiseBlaster1YAF, F, Z1600x1200N
OldCamera3.65YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
OX Camera1YF2592x1936Y
Pano4.1Y>7374x1218NApp no longer supports flash
Panorama 3601Ymax width=2048N
Panoramatic 360 *4.1.4YF>8635x1345N
Percolator1.2YAF, F, Z2048x2048N
Perfect Photo *2.0.0YAF, F, Z2592x2592N
Perfectly Clear2.1YAF, F, Z2600x1940, >3180x2370N
PhoneGrafer *2.01YF, Z / AF, F, Z2592x1936Y / NApp has two camera modes
Phoster1.0.5YAF, F, Z1448x2048N
Photo Fixer1.1Yn/a2592x1936n/a
PhotoDesk1.1YAF, F, Z1200x900, 1200x1200N
PhotoForge1.96YAF, F, Z2048x1536N
Photogene2.6.1YAF, F, Z2592x1935, 3180x2370N
Photomizer1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Photonasis 4.0 Lite4.2YAF, F, Z1600x1200N
Phototreats1.0.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
PhotoWizard-Editor1.9YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Pic Grunger3.2Yn/a2592x1936
Pics Smoother1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Picture Show2.3.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Pixel Perfect1.3Yn/a2592x1936
Plastic Bullet Camera1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Plastiq Camera1.5YF2592x1936Y
Polarize1.1Y450x520Camera mode doesn't work reliably. Currently unavailable
Polaroid Digital Camera App1.1YAF, F1936x1936N
Polaroid Instant Cam *1.2.1YF2100x2550NiPhone 3GS resolution is 1050x1275
Pro HDR2.2.1Y~2592x1936N
ProCamera *3YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
ProCamera Basic2YF, Z2592x1936Y
Pudding Camera *1.2.2YAF1280x1280N
QuadCamera - Multishot3.0.3Y2400x1600n/a
Real Camera+2.3YAF, F, Z960x717N
Retro Camera Plus1.0.1Y1200x1200N
SepiaCamera3.7YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Seventy *1.1.0YAF, F, Z1600x1200N
ShakeIt2.1YAF, F, Z1680x2046N
ShakeItPhoto *1.4YAF, F, Z1936x1910N
SkipBleach *1.17YAF, F, Z3212x2400N
Sloppy Borders1.1NAF, F, Z~1000x800NOccasional crashes when importing from camera roll. Not 100% iOS 4 compatible
Slow Shutter Cam *1.5YAF2592x1936NiPhone 4 only. Much lower resolution on older iPhones
Snap Filters2.0.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Snapture2YF, Z2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Spica Super Monochrome3YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Straighten Image1YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Tiffen Photo fx4.0.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
TiltShift2.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
TiltShift Generator1.33YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
TiltShift Generator Free1.01YAF, F, Z1024x768N
TouchRetouch *2.01YAF, F, Z>2592x1936N
TOUCHUP STUDIO1NAF, F, Z800x600NCrashes when loading an image from camera roll
Toy Digi M-Ex1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
ToyCamera3.7YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
TrueHDR *2.1YAF, F, Z~2592x1936YIf the flash is triggered, you will lose the photo in progress
Trusight Pro1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936, 3180x2370N
Ultimate Camera1.1YF, Z2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Ultimate Camera Free1.1YF, Z2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom
Vint B&W1.2YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Vint Green1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Vint Red1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Vint Shift1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
VintageScene1.1YAF, F, Z2592x1936N
Virtual SLR Camera1YAF, F2048x1536NNo override for flash settings. Auto flash only.
You Gotta See This!1.1Y2592x1936N
Zoom Lens1YAF, F2592x1936YDoesn't support Apple's zoom


This table is an ongoing project and is updated regularly. Maximum resolution numbers may also include a second value to include compatibility with one of the 7MP or 12MP software cameras available. In these cases, actual maximum resolution may be higher. We didn’t run exhaustive tests to see how quickly the apps break, although with at least twice as much RAM as previous iPhones, I suspect that there will be far fewer memory-related crashes with apps.

Some apps may not be listed right away because we know that updates have been submitted to the App Store, but not yet released. We’ll add them as soon as they’re available.

For more information on the iPhone 4 camera app flash bug, read our earlier story here.

Let us know in the comments below if your experiences with iPhone 4 photo apps are different or if you have any experience with photo apps on your iPhone 4 that aren’t listed here.