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The Hipstamatic update which brings iPhone 4 compatibility to the app has been released. The Hipstamatic Model 160 update adds a few new features, optimizations, and bug fixes which addressed problems many users were having in iOS 4 and on the new iPhone 4.

The expected features are there. The blue tints in the monochrome films have been fixed and the films process correctly. Hipstamatic now supports prints up to 1936×1936 pixels on the iPhone 4. The iPhone’s flash no longer locks up the screen.

One of the biggest surprises of the update is how they implemented the iPhone’s flash with the app’s flash. The phone’s flash is completely manual in Hipstamatic. Turning on the app’s flash now fires the iPhone’s flash. When this is turned off, Auto flash in low light situations won’t work. Using the app’s flash during bright light situations will now use the iPhone’s flash as a fill-flash. It’s an interesting change to the app and one I’m not sure I’m completely thrilled with. The potential is there for both new, interesting effects with Hipstamatic’s flash and also for blown-out details when the real flash isn’t necessary. This radically changes the behavior of Hipstamatic’s flash. I know that it now behaves like a real camera flash which is cool, but I hope a setting is added which allows the user to disable the iPhone’s flash while still using Hipstamatic’s flash filters.

The updated “camera” is gorgeous and the new graphics have subtle changes to take advantage of the Iphone 4’s high resolution Retina screen. The texture of the camera is more detailed. Lenses have some spiffy new graphics — my favorite being the new Lucifer VI graphic. The new graphics do not effect the performance of the “lens” but they do look cool! The flash on the camera front also has a more realistic, updated look.

Although there are no new HipstaPaks along with this upgrade, it’s a solid release with some great performance enhancements, especially if you have iOS 4 and a newer iPhone. I had no problems restoring my previously purchased HipstaPaks after the update.

Here’s the complete list of new and updated features:

What’s New in Hipstamatic 160


  • Stacks (organize your prints in 9 image groups)
  • Batch upload Stacks of prints to Facebook, Flickr, or Email
  • Option to not tag images with lens/flash/film when uploading Facebook or Flickr
  • Choose the album to upload to in Facebook
  • Upload images to Facebook and Flickr in the background (iOS 4 only)


  • User Interface optimized for iPhone 4’s Retina Display
  • Supports full resolution prints on iPhone 4 (in High Quality mode)
  • Faster startup time and fast app switching (iOS 4 only)
  • Faster flipping from camera front to back (iOS 4 only)
  • Prints will continue to process in the background when you quit Hipstamatic (iOS 4 only)
  • Better scrolling performance in Recent Prints (iOS 4 only)
  • Hipstamatic is more battery-efficient


  • Black and White films now work properly in iOS 4 (blue streak bug fixed)
  • Fixed an iOS 4 bug that prevented people from entering contests
  • The hardware flash on iPhone 4 now works properly with Hipstamatic (and is synced to when you turn the Hipstamatic flash on)
  • Shake to Randomize is now more random
  • Miscellaneous user interface bug fixes

Hipstamatic still runs on iPhone OS 3.1, but you’ll need the newer OS and an iPhone 4 to take advantage of all the new features and fixes. The app is still just $1.99. Hipstapaks are an extra in-app purchase.

App Store link: Hipstamatic