Dayton Ohio iPhoneHey, iPhoneographers in Dayton, Ohio! Here’s a heads up….

I’ll be in Dayton this weekend at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base shooting my first military air show with military aircraft photographer Thomas Moore. With my 2G and my 4, I also plan to roam Dayton shooting random buildings, warehouses, theaters and whatever else catches my eye this weekend. We’ll be in town Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If there are any iPhoneographers in or near Dayton this weekend who would like to meet up to photograph around town or just meet, hang out, swap stories, recipes and share apps, email me here and let’s make some arrangements to meet. It’s always great to meet fellow iPhoneographers.

I don’t come bearing gifts or freebies, but I have been known to buy a round or two.

I hope to see you this weekend!