You Gotta See This!
Version 1.0
Price: $1.99

Rating 3 stars

Bottom Line: An easy, fun app that replicates the panoramic collage style of photography. A few frustrating bugs in the initial release drop it down a star.

You Gotta See This is a new panography or panoramic collage from Boinx Software. Panography is different than panorama in that images are very visibly tiled to create a collage. David Hockney is an artist who uses this style of photography in his works. You Gotta See This! is an easy, fun app that replicates this style of photography.

You Gotta See This, sample image, panography, Ballpark in Arlington

YGST! is easy to use. Simply start recording and the camera remembers the approximate position of the tile when it assembles the collage. The final collage can be shared or saved on one of six backgrounds. Results vary depending on the size, scope and distance of the subject. Images save at iPhone 4-sized high resolution, which varies besed on the number of panels in the collage. For example, the image above is 2459×1705 pixels at full size.

There are few settings. The app allows you to run in auto mode or use the iPhone’s built-in auto-focus. You can toggle the torch and switch between the phone’s two cameras. I got great images using the default settings with the back camera.

YGST! is different from pano apps like AutoStitch in that the seams are left visible by design. It does a good job of adding seams, shadows and the illusion of depth to the images. It’s a fun app and you’ll hear a lot of “Wow! That’s cool!” when you show off your photos — one more showpiece app for the iPhone.

Because YGST! relies on the gyroscope to do its magic, it’s an iPhone 4 app only. Version 1 is a little buggy. It doesn’t always return to the camera screen after creating a collage and the only current fix is to force quit the app and restart it. In extreme cases, an iPhone restart is necessary. I’ve experienced this bug and it is frustrating. The developer is aware of this and hopefully there is a bug-fix in the works.

You Gotta See This! is a cool app. I’ve been having fun with it all weekend. It’s a four star app when the bugs are worked out. Until then, it gets a three-star recommendation. Either way, it’s earned a spot in my toolbox.

You Gotta See This! is iPhone 4 only and is $1.99 in the App Store.