Camera Plus for iPhone missing from App Store

Screenshot of App Store. Where's Camera+?

It was bound to happen sometime. I’m surprised this version of the app was allowed to stay in the App Store for as long as it was.

Camera+, the excellent camera replacement app from tap tap tap, is gone from the App Store. Usually perched high atop the “Top Paid” app ratings, it looks like the recent version 1.2.1 of the app has been pulled, most likely because of the hack that activates the hidden VolumeSnap feature in the app. The blogosphere was ablaze with the hack a couple of days ago — we were among the first to report it.

What to do if you want to keep the VolumeSnap hack after the jump. >>>

This most likely means that an update to the app is coming soon — one whose only feature change is the loss of VolumeSnap. If you update Camera+ when it returns to the App Store, you’ll probably lose the hack and your iPhone volume buttons won’t work as a shutter release any more.

If you like VolumeSnap, until it becomes a supported feature of the iPhone SDK (or at least an official feature of Camera+), we recommend not updating your copy of Camera+ for now. If you downloaded version 1.2.1, the last version, you’re in luck. You should be able to keep the functionality of VolumeSnap unless you upgrade the app. If you missed out, it looks like you’ll now have to wait until VolumeSnap becomes an official feature of Camera+.

In case you accidentally upgrade from Camera+ version 1.2.1, you may not be completely out of luck in downgrading back to version 1.2.1. Click here for our story on downgrading to a previous version of an app on your iPhone.

We’ll keep you updated here on future updates of Camera+ when it’s back in the App Store — whether VolumeSnap makes a return and whether any new additional features of Camera+ outweigh the coolness of a real shutter release button on your iPhone.



Big thanks to reader Benjamin Vickery for the heads up on this one.