Leica M8 back for iPhone 4 case

Leica M8 back for iPhone 4 case. Photo credit: BeyondtheTech

While the rest of us are waiting patiently for our free iPhone 4 cases from Apple, Life In LoFi reader Gary Moyer turned me onto his cool new iPhone 4 case — one that looks like a Leica M8 camera.

How to create your own mock Leicaphone after the jump. >>>

lieicaphone mod iPhone 4 leica M*

C Gary Moyer demonstrates his new Leicaphone


MacRumors: Forums user BeyondtheTech created a customized version of a Leica M8 and placed it inside a Griffin Reveal Ultra-thin Hard-shell Case. This mod has shown up on Gizmodo and a few other blogs. Here’s the original post and thread in MacRumors: Forums for all the details straight from the source.

To make your own Leicaphone, I found the instructions at TechieLobang.com to be pretty thorough and easy to follow.

You can download a high-res version of the Leicaphone insert here.

For the newer iPhone 6 devices, the Griffin Survivor case will do a great job and is available in stores for about $30. The case is also available from Amazon.com for much less — currently about $21.00. to turn your iPhone 4 into a really cool-looking faux-Leica.

If you need it now and can’t wait for the case to ship from Amazon, Best Buy in the U.S.should have the case available in most stores for $29.99. I’ll save you one.



Again, big thanks to Gary Moyer for the tip and for letting me whine about my caseless iPhone 4 sliding off my desk. Gary’s iPhoneography can be found here.