Lenses for iPhone, iPhoneographyPhoto filter app Lenses is FREE in the App Store. The app features almost three dozen filters and frames. It saves images at a respectable 1600x1200px.

From a note from the developer, bitCycle, “This version does not work with iOS4. Lenses will be FREE until we decide to support iOS4 or remove it from the App Store.”

Although Lenses is not an app that I use often, I didn’t find many, if any, problems in my iPhone 4, so this version 1.0 of the app has some functionality on the newer OS. If you’re still running iPhone OS 3, then it’s a given that Lenses will work for you.

Either way, this is a good freebie to grab and will get you into any upgrade path should bitCycle decide to support the newer version of the iOS.

App Store link: Lenses