iPhoneart.com is a new website and Facebook community dedicated to art created on the iPhone. One of the features that I find interesting about the site is that submissions of all types of iPhone art are encouraged, including photography, videos, music and “painting” on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It’s another site in this growing community to get your work displayed and to congregate electronically. Having the influence of artists outside of iPhoneography should help make it interesting.

There are plans for brick and mortar gallery shows of the best submitted work. Given that iPhoneArt.com is based in the Los Angeles market, these could be important, high-visibility shows. Other future plans include sales of archival prints entered in the site’s iPrints program, with proceeds going to the artist.

Links and the pressie are after the jump.


Press Release:

iPhoneArt.com launches the first full-service website for the Mobile Art Revoluiton.

California-based iPhoneArt has just launched the first full-service, user-based website for the Mobile Art Revolution: www.iPhoneArt.com

Named for the device which first opened the door to this exciting new medium, iPhoneArt.com is dedicated to displaying, promoting, discussing and rewarding the creative works of avant-garde artists and amateur dabblers everywhere — while also providing a platform for developers to demonstrate what their apps can do for a dedicated audience. The goal is to build a grassroots Mobile Art community where professionals, beginners, and developers alike can share and discuss all forms of Mobile Art: iPhoneography, paintings, drawings, audio, video and apps.

$1000 GRAND PRIZE: All members are eligible to vote and to win. Award winners will be determined by the most votes cast by other members in the first 3 months of launch. Any work created with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is welcome. Create your art on a different mobile device? Upload your work as an iPhoneArt Challenge – you are still eligible to win! To learn more, visit our AWARDS. https://www.iPhoneArt.com/awards

Members can:

DISPLAY images, audio, video or present apps in a free miPHONE account.

CREATE multiple series of work within a personal gallery.

WIN our $1000 GRAND PRIZE or any of the monthly AWARDS to follow.

VOTE for favorite art and help us pick our AWARD WINNERS.

FOLLOW favorite artists.

COLLECT favorite works of art.

SHARE information about up-coming shows or other Mobile Art opportunities.

CONNECT with others — discuss art, apps, techniques and more.

Paul Strand said: The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.

To learn more about this revolutionary new medium, please visit iPhoneart.com.

So take a look. Become inspired. Gain professional recognition and financial rewards for your work. Membership is free, so please visit our site today — share your work and help us begin.