[UPDATED: Date corrected. =M=]

Knox Bronson’s Pixels – The Art of the iPhone is presenting the first iPhone photography exhibits directly associated with Apple. Up to now, Apple has sold us iPhones and apps to take the pictures, but hasn’t yet exhibited in-store what the iPhone is capable of. These are significant events.

Knox also coordinated the first brick-and-mortar iPhoneography exhibit, “Pixels at an Exhibition” in Berkeley, California in February, 2010.

Click past the jump for details from the press release for the Apple events.

Knox recently said, “Pixels is a success and got noticed by Apple because of the amazing work everybody is doing, I assure you. I will take some credit, mostly for being stubborn and/or obsessed myself. But this is great news for all of us and the medium itself.”

An edited version of the press release is below. A link to the full version is at the end of the post.

Apple has asked Pixels to produce a number of events to introduce the emergent art form of iPhoneography and to showcase the amazing artists who post on Pixels to the public at their larger stores around the country and the world.

The kick-off event will be at the San Francisco Apple store on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 6 p.m. Several artists will be present. A number of works from prior exhibits will be featured, along with videos, slide-shows, and perhaps an interview or two projected on the big screen in the theater. If you are in the area, please join us!

There is a Thursday, October 21st date for the Chicago, Illinois store as well, with another event planned at the New York City Soho Apple store soon after. LA and London, no dates yet, but in the works.

Read all of the details at the Pixels website.