EYE’EM have announced the photographers who are being exhibited at the EYE’EM New York Exhibition 2010. The event will be hosted at the renowned OPENHOUSE gallery in New York City. The show opens Monday, September 27th 2010 and runs through September 29.

The exhibition displays some of the finest works of the mobile photography scene. At the heart of the exhibition stand the best out of over 14.000 images, chosen by the EYE’EM users themselves throughout the recent weeks.

Next to that, an international jury has selected a range of the platform’s most remarkable shots. Furthermore, a section of the exhibition is dedicated to New York’s local heroes, mobile photographers from New York City who had an enormous impact on the scene throughout the last years. Curated by mobile photography pioneer Sion Fullana, they present their city as they see it. All images are post-processed and will be displayed as high quality prints on alloy and acrylic glass.

More information and the photographers who made EYE’EM’s Short List for this event can be found here.

I’m familiar with the works of most of the photographers being displayed and their art is simply amazing. Congratulations to all of the iPhoneographers and mobile phone photographers who are being shown.

This will be an excellent exhibit displaying among the best mobile photography being created. If you’re in New York City next week, make this a must see.