UPDATE: I have given away all the MonoPhix HD promo codes. I’ve still got a ton of other giveways all week, so stay tuned! =M=

It’s the anniversary of Life In LoFi this week. To celebrate, I’m giving away stuff all week… starting right now.

Have you got an iPad? MonoPhix HD is the iPad-only version of the excellent iPhone app. It was updated to version 1.1 recently and I’m giving away 5 free promo codes. Read past the jump to find out how to win one of 5 free promo codes. >>>

MonoPhix for iPhone has long been one of my favorite color-to-monochrome conversion tools. It makes photos look like they were shot with a very fast black & white film.  Separate sliders for light shades and dark really fine tune the look of the conversion. I think either MonoPhix or MonoPhix Lite are essential apps for an iPhoneographer’s camera bag.

MonoPhix been recoded and released for iPad. MonoPhix HD takes full advantage of the larger iPad display. The new 1.1 update features performance tweaks and overall UI improvements.

Right now, I’ve got free promo codes to give away to the first five readers who request one in the comments below. This is for the full version of MonoPhix HD, not a feature limited Lite version. MonoPhix HD is an iPad-only app. These codes work with a U.S. App Store account only and will not work in any other country. One code per reader, please. If you’re one of the first ten, be sure I can email or DM you somehow.

If you miss out on a free code, MonoPhix HD is only $1.99 in the App Store. There are also two excellent iPhone versions if you don’t have an iPad.


Many thanks to developer Renzo Verleysen for providing the free promo codes.



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