classictoy toy camera for iPHone iPod touch


UPDATE: The 4.0.1 update has been submitted to the App Store, which should address this minor issue. Until it’s released, here’s the fix. =M=

The ClassicTOY 4.0.0 update has just been released. For most users, it’s a seamless upgrade. Some users are experiencing problems with their previously purchased full lens packs. Don’t worry! It’s an easy fix. Click past the jump to learn how to restore your ClassicTOY in-app purchase.

Some users who have already bought the in-app full lens pack are unable to use the premium lenses and films after updating the app to 4.0.0. If you can see the “restore purchase” tag (see image above) on the lens screen, select it. The app will ask you for your password to confirm your account. In most cases, that should restore your lens packs.

If you are experiencing this, the developer recommends quitting the app and restarting to restore your film purchases. A reboot after updating will do the same thing and it’ll do your iPhone some good as well.

If you still experience problems, try repurchasing the full lens pack in-app. After you enter your password to purchase, iTunes will tell you that you’ve already purchased the update. You won’t be charged twice to purchase the lens pack on the same iTunes account.


classictoy for iPhone and iPod Touch