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Before & after: CameraTAN multiple effects


The new version of CameraTAN was released recently. Version 3.0 actually has more improvements than listed in the official App Store description. A more detailed description of the updates, additions and bug fixes is on the MorokoshiMan website.

Our tweaked translation of the 3.0 update description is past the jump:

CameraTAN is a versatile toy camera effects app that now creates over 39 well-rendered and interesting results, even though the filters are oddly named. Multiple filter effects can easily be added to an image.

Here’s a tip — tapping “CameraTAN” at the top of the effect preview screen twice applies an additional instance of the filter. Repeat as needed.

cameratan 3.0 user interface for iPhone

Old and new - CameraTAN's new version 3.0 UI is on the right

The 3.0 update includes:

The app’s visual icons have a new design. (The entire UI has been tweaked as well)

The app’s “SpringBoard” screen has new animation and takes advantage of Apple’s new hi-res Retina displays.

Additional new effects include:
• ToyStorm 3
• ToyStorm 4
• All Red
• Cooler
• Latte
• Plum

Tweaks and improvements to most of the effects.

Looking for the Peach effect? It has been renamed Strawberry.

Version 2.x frames are now integrated into one Film Frame icon. There are three selections. The Overlay and Screen icons have been combined into the one Multi Exp icon. The separate 1C and 4C Illustrations icons have been integrated into one icon. Frames, Multi-exposure, and Illustration are now changed in the Effect Pattern buttons.

UPDATE: The French blog i comme Photo: Le blog d l’iphonoegraphie has written an excellent review of the CameraTAN 3.0 update. Yann has also posted a downloadable PDF of all of the effects combinations the app now creates. Click here to read a translated review of the app and a link of the effects.

CameraTAN supports full-resolution of your iDevice and runs on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 or newer. The app is only $0.99 in the App Store.