Photo courtesy of Photojojo


The article is a little old, having been published back in April of this year, but there’s still a lot of good stuff in Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide.

Thing is, since each lens, film, and flash produces a different look, it can get overwhelming. You know, like, what does the Jimmy lens look like if you use Pistil film and the Dreampop flash?

6 lenses + 7 flash options + 8 films = 336 different combinations. YIKES!

So we took 336 photos with every possible combination of the Hipstamatic arsenal. (Because we love you.) And we’ve even broken it down into an easy guide to tell you which combos go together. (Ditto.)

It’s a couple of Hipstas behind now. It only goes through Hipstamatic 155. It’s missing the Mission HipstaPak and the Dali Museum GoodPak. That means it’s missing the very nice Bettie XL lens and the new Salvador 84 lens. But not only does it show all of the possible combinations of Hipstamatic’s film, lens, and flash filters up through 155, it also describes the qualities of each item. The post also offers up suggestions on which combinations to use to get the best looking results.

Hipstamatic now actually has 8 lenses + 7 flash options + 10 films for 560 different combinations. My brain hurts. There’s no indication if this excellent post will be updated to include the new HipstaPaks.

Here’s the link to Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide. There’s a lot there. It may take a while to fully load.