UPDATE 11.14.10 17:00: I just heard from Penté Group. Polaroid Instant Cam was pulled by the developer because of  “a minor bug on the old 3G handset” discovered after the app’s release. According to Penté, they “really wanted to make sure everything is perfect with every OS.”

The bug has been fixed over the weekend and the app should be resubmitted to the App Store within the next day or so. =M=

Within hours of the release of the version 1.2 update, Polaroid Instant Cam, the app we just gave a glowing review to, has disappeared from the App Store and isn’t available at this time. We currently have little other solid information other than that.

LoFi has contacted Penté Group, the developers, but haven’t received a response yet.

We’re not sure who is responsible for pulling the app — Penté or Apple. The app is licensed by Polaroid — a fact that’s displayed throughout the app and description. If the licensing is valid, I can’t imagine Apple pulling the app because it looks too much like a Polaroid as it has for other instant camera apps. In my testing of the app, I didn’t find any major bugs. The app worked well and was rock-solid. The company’s website and Twitter stream mentions nothing about the app being pulled.

We’ll let you know what we can if and when we hear back from Penté.

If you have any information, please share in the comments below.