Countdown t-minus five days to Black Friday. There are several major apps that are on sale this weekend in the App Store. AutoStitch Panorama, Color Splash, Live FX, and Perfect Photo are all on sale for a dollar off each. Some of the price reductions aren’t great, but collectively here’s the chance to save a couple of bucks if you’ve had your eye on any of these apps. I think all of these sale apps are recommended ones from good developers.

These sales are for a limited time only and could go at any time, so grab them now. Pricing and App Store links are after the jump. >>>

AutoStitch Panorama (AutoStitch Panorama - Cloudburst Research) is the best panorama/image stitching app available for iPhone. It can be used to create much more than just panoramas. You can use it to create interesting ghost effects and “bend” effects as well. Normally $2.99, right now it’s on sale for a dollar off at $1.99.

Currently the number 1 photo app in the store, Color Splash (Color Splash - Pocket Pixels Inc.) is the popular classic splash of color app in the app store. I converts your images to monochrome but leaves one user-selectable area of a single color – a “splash”. There are other splash apps available, but none create effects that are as well done as Color Splash. It’s on sale now for $0.99 — that’s 50% off it’s normal price of $1.99.

Live FX (Live FX (create your own, shareable photo effects, preview them live in camera view) - Nick Drabovich) allows you to easily create and apply thousands of unique photo effects by means of filter stacking. It reminds me of Best Camera with a lot more filters. The results can be stunning if you take the time to experiment with this app. Click here for my original review. It’s on sale now for $0.99 — a dollar off the normal price of $1.99. This is for the full version of the app, not the feature-limited lite version.

Perfect Photo (Perfect Photo - MacPhun LLC) is a full-blown image editor with a toolset that rivals Photogene and PhotoForge, including over 20 tools to adjust color, luminance, cropping, levels and many others. It’s the number one paid app in the Utilities section of the App Store right now. It’s on sale now for $0.99 — a dollar off the normal price of $1.99.

Again, these sales are for a limited time only and could go at any time, so if you’re interested in any of these, grab them now.