UPDATE: The camera module works flawlessly. It feels even faster and more responsive than before. After my initial issues with the crop module (which involved quitting the app and rebooting my iPhone twice to resolve), I’m unable to reproduce the cropping problems. If you experience them, I suggest you force-quit the app and reboot. It seems to have solved the issue for me.

If you don’t plan on using the new Studio module extensively, this is an awesome update. After testing this update further this morning, I still have some issues with the Studio module. Typing up my review now…. =M=

The ProCamera 3.0 update hit the Apple Store tonight. This is a huge update with many new features and enhancements, including enhancements to the interface and a huge upgrade to the studio module — the photo editing part — of the app.

I’ve had the app for about an hour now. In many ways, it’s an improvement over the previous version. But my first impressions of the new studio enhancements are that I’m not really impressed. The new effects compare favorably to the now-unavailable Camera+. I had some initial problems with the new crop module. It’ll be great when it works reliably. Overall, for me the studio module is slow and laggy in this update.

I’ve heaped high praise on ProCamera. The previous version was the best shooter in the App Store in my opinion. I don’t recommend updating right away, unless the new studio module additions aren’t really important for you. And then, I highly recommend that you don’t trash your previous version just yet.

Right now, I think Pro mode needs some testing. This update should be fine for everyday shooting.

I’ll have a better rundown of this new ProCamera update later today.

Anyone else having the same issues with the ProCamera 3.0 update? Let us know how it’s going for you in the comments below.