MonoPhix 3 received a bump to version 3.0.2. Basically, this means that it should run on devices running a version of iOS prior to iOS 4.0. It’s now available in the App Store.

There are a ton of new features in this excellent update:

  • Big direct preview of your changes
  • Two sliders allowing you to set the intensity of dark and light tones separately
  • Ability to custom color your monochrome picture to any wanted color
  • Presets for the custom coloring function which allow a quick switch to B&W, Sepia or yellowish antique.
  • Ability to set an alpha to blend your monochrome with the original picture to create stunning vintage effects
  • Negative switch for infrared B&W look
  • A great Grain generator to adjust the amount of grain for a more vintage and analog film look– very cool!
  • Ability to posterize the picture for a comic book look
  • Ability to enhance the exposure of your picture
  • Ability to apply 2 types of adjustable vignetting effects to your picture
  • Ability to choose for a more raw classic monochrome filter with sharp contrast and high grain resembling fast film
  • Support high resolution pictures (full resolution)
  • Optimized for iOS4 and multitasking
  • Support for Retina display devices
  • An extensive help file

Even with all the new features, MonoPhix for iPhone and iPod touch is still only $0.99. It’s still old iPhone friendly and will work on any iDevice running iOS 3.1.3 or newer.

MonoPhix has long been a favorite of mine. The new 3.0 update is definitely very highly recommended.

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