ShakeItPhoto iPhone iPod TouchShakeItPhoto 1.4 was released today. The app still supports high resolution 1920×1876 pixel output. The good news is that the classic ShakeItPhoto look is back. The bad news is that the classic ShakeItPhoto look is back.

Among the new features of the previous ShakeItPhoto update were changes to the processing that made ShakeItPhoto look more authentically like an instant photo. Many users of the app, though, preferred ShakeItPhoto for its higher color saturation and contrast, which gave images an almost dreamlike quality. Users were pretty divided in their preference of color processing.

Based on overwhelming feedback from the user community, Banana Camera Co. have reverted back to the original processing formulas in this update. The colors and borders once again look more like the original releases of the app. It’s the only processing available — there is no user switchable setting between New ShakeItPhoto and ShakeItPhoto Classic. If you liked the new processing, you should probably not update to 1.4 and stay with ShakeIt Photo 1.3 until the “New” processing is available again.

If you’ve already updated ShakeItPhoto and wanted to stay with version 1.3 and the new processing, you may not be completely out of luck. Read our tutorial on downgrading apps here.

ShakeItPhoto is only $0.99 in the App Store.

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