The Verizon iPhone 4 streets on February 10 here in the States. The biggest difference between AT&T’s iPhone 4, of course, is the CDMA radio of the new device and the fact that it’s on much-praised Verizon’s network.

Reviews from all over are being released. I’m actually pretty happy with AT&T’s coverage (for the most part) here in Dallas/Fort Worth. Also, the lack of international roaming is a factor for me. We’ll be sticking with AT&T until a more compelling reason to change comes up.

Unable to score a preview device for review, I’m posting links to other reviews, gathered here in one place. Have a look.

If you’ve been holding out for a Verizon iPhone, or if you’re considering making the switch, here are a few links and reviews which may help you decide.

“The Early Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews Are In”, by Rosa Golijan, Gizmodo, February 2, 2011. The best bits from several Verizon iPhone 4 reviews, including Wired, The Wall Street Journal, and Engadget.

Speaking of Engadget, there’s “Verizon iPhone Review” by Josh Topolsky, Engadget, February 2, 2011. This is a very extensive, very good review of the new device and its performance on the Verizon network.

… this is very much the iPhone 4 that people have come to know and love. It’s not the next generation Apple device, it’s not a wowee-zowee LTE experiment, and it isn’t a revolution in mobile computing. What it is, however, is a big chance to give a large portion of America’s smartphone users a crack at a phone they’ve likely been lusting after for some time.

Although MC Siegler takes quite a few hits in the comments section of his post, “TechCrunch Review: The Name’s iPhone. Verizon iPhone.” (TechCrunch, February 2, 2011), one of the reasons I like it is because little time is spent talking about the device itself — it’s basically the same great Apple iPhone 4 — and more on the performance of the device in San Francisco which is one of the top two AT&T problem areas (the other being New York City).

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer at the end of your contract who lives in an area with poor AT&T service, you need to get to an Apple or Verizon store next week to get this updated device. Seriously, mark down February 9 on your calendar so that you pre-order it. Then show up at a store on February 10 to pick it up.

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer still on contract who lives in an area with poor AT&T service, I would definitely consider getting this updated device. It may be a few hundred dollars out of pocket, but think of that compared to what you’ve paid to AT&T over the years. If you’re anything like me, it makes you want to scream.

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer still on contract who lives in an area with good AT&T service, then no, this probably isn’t the device for you.

If you’re a non-iPhone user who is interested in checking it out but has been waiting for it to come to Verizon, this is absolutely for you.

And finally, if you’re an AT&T customer in the middle of a contract, here’s a link to The Early Termination Fee Calculator on If you already have an iPhone on AT&T, your ETF will be the larger of the two numbers.