Warm Up by Jaime Ferryros

UPDATE: Added source credit. =M=

Mashable seems to have really embraced iPhoneography (or iPhotography as they call it). They often post stories about iPhoneography and post galleries of images shot and processed on an iPhone.

Mashable’s latest iPhoneography post is the gallery “10 Stunning iPhone Sports Photographs” and features photography from Alexander Kesselaar, Jaime Ferryros, T.S. Elliot, Jamie Pachomski, Dave Weekes — names you might remember from our own Faved on Flickr galleries — as well as several others.

It’s a gallery of 11 great iPhone photographs given the exposure and validation of Mashable’s huge online readership. Click here for the entire gallery on Mashable.com.

Congratulations to all ten iPhoneographers selected!



A big thank you to Stacy Anderson for the heads up on this one.