Cameramatic, Cherry Blossom filter, Hassy Frame


Cameramatic by youthhr is an app whose updates I look forward to. The past several updates have included a lot of goodness. The 1.1.5 update was just released. No new features. No new performance enhancements. But the new update has five new filters and two new frames. For retro iPhoneography, it’s one of the best toy camera, digital lo-fi apps for iPhone.

Progressive filter, Hassy frame

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1.5:

— 5 new filters

  • Progressive (standard)
  • Harmonic (standard)
  • Flare (standard)
  • Cherry Blossom (color)
  • B&W Rich Chrome (black & white)

In addition to the above, other filters’ parameters are readjusted and tweaked. The release notes did not mention which ones.

— 2 new frames

  • Black 04 (standard)
  • Hassy (standard)

That’s it. The new filters are pretty nice. I particularly like the new Progressive filter and the new Hassy frame. The Progressive filter is very cool — almost like shooting TTV or with old Fuji films. The Hassy frame is just a little thin, but it’s a pretty good recreation of an analog Hasselblad frame, complete with corner and two side notches. The Cherry Blossom filter is a muted Berry Pop-style filter. The new Rich Chrome Black & White filter has a slight purplish tint — not unlike black & white film that was printed on color paper.

TIP: Cameramatic’s square frame format output is perfect for uploading as is to Instagram. Process in Cameramatic, import the image into Instagram from your camera roll and upload using the “Original” setting.

You can use Cameramatic as a camera or import images from your camera roll. If an image is still in the app’s lightbox, you can also change filters and frames with the option of overwriting the original image or saving as new — that’s a great feature for experimenting with different effects.

If you don’t already have Cameramatic, I highly recommend it. It improves with every update. Cameramatic is currently available for $1.99 in the App Store. It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.0 or higher.

Cameramatic - youthhr


Flare filter, Black Square 04 frame

Standard B&W on the left, the new Rich Chrome B&W on the right