misskiwi’s ClassicCAMERA apps long been a favorite of iPhoneographers. Throughout all of the ClassicCAM apps, the quality of the filters is great. They are accurate renditions of the retro lenses and films they recreate.

Recently on the Classic Camera Facebook page, misskiwi shared a preview of the exciting new film “Scarlet” and the new lens “”Squara” for ClassicTOY.

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“I’ve tried to reproduce old RF [RangeFinder] lenses (such as the old Summicron). Here’s a new film for ClassicTOY ver.6.2.0. Scarlet!” You can read more about the old Leica Summicron lenses here.

The Squara lens brings in-app square format photography to ClassicTOY, preserving the vignettes and other effects that would be lost by cropping a full-frame image. I really love the new Scarlet film, especially the light leaks and chromatic distortions.

In addition, the Squara Lens is part of ClassicTOY’s standard equipment and is free. These two new features should be part of the upcoming ClassicTOY 6.2.0 update.

ClassicTOY is a free download, but I highly recommend the $1.99 Full Lens Pak available as an in-app purchase.

ClassicTOY - misskiwi