In the submissions for this week’s “Faved On Flickr,” there were several images from by iPhoneographer AlyZen Moonshadow. The images were from the third of her series, “Graffiti”. Several of the Graffiti Series 3 images were posted to the Life In LoFi Flickr group and as a series, I think you’re really going to enjoy them highlighted and displayed on their own.

Highlighted in this gallery are several of Aly’s great work from her Grafitti Series 3, as well as some insight into the project from the iPhoneographer herself. There’s a link to the complete series at the end of the text.

One of the things that struck me right off the bat about this series of images is the chaos and how well it works in each image and throughout the scope of the series. If not done carefully, chaos becomes noise and it becomes difficult to extract the art, story, and message from the work. Here, though, I think Aly has done a great job of combining multiple images of discarded bits of daily life — the noise of everpresent grafitti and other often overlooked signs — into colorful abstracts which capture and illustrate the noise and chaos of everyday messages that become invisible to most of us.

Here’s Aly on “Grafitti”

Graffiti Series 1 was centered around a group of photos I took of a graffitied wall. It was an experiment, the results of which I was pleased with.

Graffiti Series 2 is based around over 200 photos I shot of a graffitied wall in central Perth, Western Australia. That is the most amazing wall ever, it’s graffitied by the same unknown artist down the side of almost the entire length of the building!

So, when I shot another group of images of a funky recycling bin seen in a shopping mall, the idea for Graffiti Series 3 was born. I actually started on the recycled bin images, then switched to the graffitied wall images, before going back to complete the recycled bin images

The idea behind these post-processed images is to try and create entirely new images or works of art, by using bits and pieces of different photos. To do this, I used various Apps in varying degrees. The main app I used to bond the final image together is BlendCam. Other apps used in the series are: PhotoStudio, Iris Photo Suite, PictureShow, Camera+, Best Camera, Photogene, Mill Colour, MoreLomo, CameraBag,

I have several folders worth of apps on my iPhone 3G (over 80 Apps). I will use whatever app fits a particular image or feel I’m after. My final images are the result of many layers of apps processed one over the other, I don’t just use one app and be done with it.

From AlyZenMoonshadow’s bio on iPhoneArt.com:

I’m eclectic, to say the least – Classically-trained Musician, Electronic Music Artist (I’m the other half of ElectroCelt, and I’m also ElectroCelt’s other half!), Crafter, Art Clay Silver Artist, ex-UK Civil Service, ex-Sales&Customer Services, and now by great luck, iPhoneographer.

I love taking photos of anything and everything I see, with my trusty 2 megapixel iPhone 3G. When I lived in Ireland, the light was very poor and some days my iPhone camera aperture simply refused to open. Now I am Down Under in Perth WA, where the light is glorious and the scenery, culture, beaches, etc. are all wonderful as subjects waiting to be captured by my iPhone camera…or, should I say, my iCamera which I sometimes use to make phone calls with!

You can see more of AlyZen Moonshadow’s iPhoneography in her Flickr photostream. She’s also also recently started a Tumblr blog at alyzenmoonshadow.tumblr.com.



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