The 1.2.3 update to the popular free toy camera camera app, Pudding Camera, was released recently. It’s mostly a bug-fix update with no new features or filters. A couple of the filters have been fixed, performance has been improved, and the app now requires iOS 4.1 or newer.

I’ve previously reviewed Pudding Camera. It’s a good app to explore toy camera photography on the iPhone and for some iPhoneographers, it may be all you need. It’s got great functionality, decent resolution and it’s still free with no ads. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good for what it is and might just be what you need for a toy camera app.

Translated and tweaked from the app’s description in the App Store, here’s what’s new in version 1.2.3:

1. This version requires iOS 4.1 or higher.

2. The following bugs have been fixed:
– The “Snap” camera when shooting left – right growing bug
– Fisheye camera now saves with a circular border
– Pudding Log intermittent crashes have been fixed

3. Initial load time has been improved.

I have no idea what was wrong with the Snap camera. In my tests in the previous version it worked fine for me. The “lens” is a little tighter than the normal lens, so some zoom is supposed to occur.

In the previous version, the Fisheye lens saved with a distorted convex border. This has been corrected and the border is now round.

Pudding Camera 1.2.2 Fisheye lens

Improved Pudding Camera 1.2.3 Fisheye lens

Start-up time has improved significantly — by several seconds. You’re ready to shoot with the app in much less time. The app is now iOS 4.1 only. It works great on nearly all iDevices with a camera, but now owners of the iPhone 2G or users who have chosen not to upgrade their iOS to a newer version are out of luck on this update path.

One thing not mentioned in the update description is that previously updating the app reset its settings, including image resolution, back to the default settings. It looks like the app now holds your settings after updating. If you’re downloading Pudding Camera for the first time, it still defaults to 700×700 pixels, so be sure to check your settings before shooting.

A couple of things still haven’t changed. The app is still free and ad-free. That’s good. The app is still the same mix of English and Korean languages. It makes Pudding Camera quirky but it can be frustrating at times. It still only has a maximum resolution of 1280 —1280 pixels. It’s still usable — you can easily make 4″ x 4″ prints with Pudding pics. With its 1.4 MP maximum resolution, it’s better suited for online sharing and emailing photos.

Pudding Camera is free in the App Store. It works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.1 or newer.

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