I just received a themed call for photos for this interesting project. Open to Interpretation is a juried book competition of photography, poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. The project feeds off of and is inspired by the photography that’s selected. The call is for all photographers, not just iPhoneographers, but it’s nice to see the recognition of the outstanding works being created by iPhone photographers.

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The comment I heard most often regarding my work was “the image tells a story” but I was never sure what story it was telling. When I started to ask I realized that people had their own wildly different interpretations of the images.

Open to Interpretation was the name of my first solo exhibit. There were 12 images and 24 different stories and poems. Friends wrote some of the stories and some were written by people I had never met before the exhibition opening.

From the press release:

Open to Interpretation is now calling on photographers to submit images for consideration in a juried book competition.


Theme: Water’s Edge
Douglas Beasley, Photographer and Educator
Early Submission Fee:
$30 for 5 images, $10 each additional
Deadline for early submission:
April 26, 2011
Submission Fee:
$35 for 5 images, $10 each additional
Deadline for submission:
June 7, 2011
Results Announced:
June 20, 2011


$300 Jurors Selection Award

Project Details

Open to interpretation is a juried book competition of photography, poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Each book begins with a themed call for photos. The chosen photos become the literary inspiration for the writers’ submissions. A book is created that matches each winning photo with two stories or poems that offer different interpretations of the image. The unique collaboration adds new dimensions to both the photos and the written word.


Douglas Beasley’s personal vision explores spiritual aspects of people and place and is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. He hopes that his photographs act as prayer-like offerings and are meant as a departure point for the viewer’s own visual or spiritual journey.

As founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops, Beasley provides workshops that emphasize personal expression and creative vision over the mechanics of camera use. He believes in helping each student find their voice rather than making ‘pretty pictures’. His workshops are held in places such as Santa Fe, Maine, New York, Hawaii, Guatemala, Peru, Japan, China, Italy, Africa and Bali as well as the Trade River Retreat Center, his cabin/retreat center in Northwest Wisconsin.

Entries are submitted online at open2interpretation.com.