Showtime – free your photos
Version 2.0
Price: $1.99

Rating 4 stars

Bottom Line: For quickly and easily transferring a few images to or from my iPhone, Showtime is my go-to app.

Showtime – free your photos by Aptogo is versatile and powerful app which lets you view your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad photos in any browser-enabled device on your WiFi network: a computer, internet tv or games console including the Nintendo Wii. From a browser, you can easily navigate your camera roll and other photo albums straight from your iPhone with no syncing or cables required.

The recent 2.0 update of the app added some great additional features. Showtime can also download and upload full-res versions of your photos directly to your device.

The app is pretty easy to use. Open Showtime. On a networked Mac or PC and point a browser to the IP address onscreen. You are then able to view and navigate wirelessly through your iPhone’s photo library. You can easily view slideshows, view images and download full-resolution photos on your iPhone from your computer.

Showtime lets you access to all the photo albums on your iPhone through a drop-down menu, allowing you to easily sort through and view individual images. You can also view the contents of each photo album as a slideshow in your browser. Showtime is good for photo presentations for photographers, designers — anyone who needs to display images from your iPhone in a larger format. Showtime can be used as a remote control for the slideshows, a great feature for presentations.

When Showtime opens an album or camera roll, it automatically takes you to the most recent pictures. This really helps to quickly find your most recent images — the images most likely to be used. It has no problems with large albums on my iPhone 4. It handles a camera roll of 2,200 images without crashing or memory issues.

Navigating large camera rolls or for a while bones is difficult, though, as there’s no way in the current version to quickly and easily sort through large numbers of photographs other than scrolling. Gallery view is planned for a future release. This will be a great addition. Also, there is no way to create a new photo album remotely — a restriction imposed by Apple at this time.

For me, though, the real magic of Showtime is a new feature added in the recent 2.0 update. You can now use Showtime to upload images from your desktop to your camera roll wirelessly. Currently, the camera roll is the only photo album Apple allows developers write access to. There are a couple of methods to upload images using Showtime, but I prefer the super easy drag and drop from both Finder and iPhoto. It’s easy and intuitive. Both methods worked with no problems.

Previously, transferring images without syncing involved either cables and Image Capture or a third-party app, or the clunky and slow emailing images to and from the iPhone. It allows you to download all your images off your camera for viewing on your desktop or laptop. You can then transfer images back to your iPhone for further processing and iPhone photo labs. Showtime’s convenient image transfer features alone make the app worth the purchase.

I bought my copy of Showtime because Aptogo were advertising on the blog and I wanted to see what the app could do. I was pleased with how quickly and easily it displays images from my iPhone in a browser on my laptop. With the new 2.0 update, I was very impressed with how quickly and easily it is to use to wirelessly transfer images to and from my iPhone without syncing.

There are several apps which enable you to wirelessly download your images from your iPhone. Showtime is one of few that allows you to wirelessly upload full res images back to your iPhone.It’s probably the easiest one that I’ve found. It’s a great app to have in my workflow — shoot a lot, archive all photos, and pick a few images to process.

Showtime is a very good app to manage photos to and from your iPhone camera. It’s presentation feature is also a great way to showcase your images from your iPhone on another wireless-enabled device such as a desktop, laptop or iPad.

It’s pretty slick. For quickly and easily transferring a few images to or from my iPhone, Showtime has become my goto app.

Showtime is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later. It sells for $1.99 in the app Store

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