Animated layers in Photoshop for iPad? Screenshot © Photography Bay

Photography Bay is reporting that a very slick version of Photoshop for iPad was previewed at the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote yesterday. This is not a larger version of the watered down Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS, but and entirely new build of the app that has more of the powerful features of the desktop version, including layers and some pretty sweet layers animation.

Photoshop for iPad? Screenshot © Photography Bay

In his post, Eric Reagan writes, “One of the coolest things at the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote this morning was the unveiling of the Photoshop for iPad tech that Adobe is working on.  While the recent upgrades for Photoshop Express on iOS adds some horsepower to the app, the stuff that Adobe has in the pipeline for tablet devices looks pretty sick.”

When Adobe Photoshop Express was first released, it was greeted by a resounding “meh” in the iPhoneography community. Although it’s interface was very minimal and sleek, its toolset was lacking many basic functions. Several other iPhone photo apps came much closer to “Photoshop for the iPhone” than the actual Adobe release. Even after several updates and new features, it still lags behind PhotoForge, Filterstorm, Iris Photo Suite and others in terms of tools, power and usability.

This appears to be a completely rewritten app for iPad. In fact, even how the user interacts with the app appears to have been reimagined. This preview is really cool and I hope we see this app soon. From the preview, this iPad version of Photoshop is Adobe embracing the iPad platform and jumping in (albeit a little late) with all the financial and software engineering muscle we’d originally expected from the first Photoshop for iOS release.

No word yet on a release date or pricing. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out Photography Bay For Eric Reagan’s preview post and the video for the live iPad demo and drool.