Although really she doesn’t need an introduction….

Recently, you may have noticed the byline of Nox Dineen on Life in LoFi. I’m very pleased to announce the addition of Nox as a writer for Life In LoFi.

From her bio on her blog:

Nox is a freelance writer and web developer with nearly a decade of experience working with startups and innovators.

“I like technology and pie. I sometimes do video podcasts. I write and consult about mobile and web development & tech culture. I like to take photos with toy camera apps on my Android phone.”

Nox has been blogging about tech, code, Android, and a plethora of other topics for years. I became aware of Nox’s blog last year when I was researching photo apps were available for the Android platform. Nox was one of very few bloggers I found covering Android photo apps.

I love Nox’s writing style. It’s technical and smart, but doesn’t intimidate. I think she’s very fun to read, no matter what she writes about. Her musings are full of insight. If you haven’t already read her recent piece on why she uninstalled Instagram, you should read it now. It’s brilliant and whether or not you agree with her positions, her points are well made and compelling. I like that.

No matter how long she hangs her virtual shingle here, I’m very glad that Nox is sharing her thoughts here on Life In LoFi.

Welcome, Nox!