Untitled by Laura Peischl, winner of the IPC March 2011


I also run iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) page on Facebook. Every month, iPhoneographers submit photos based on a chosen theme. The last month’s theme was “Connections”. The winner of this competition was iPhoneographer Laura Peischl once again, this time with her stunning photograph, shown above.

You may already be familiar with Laura’s work. Several of her images have been featured in LoFi’s weekly Faved on Flickr feature. She also won last month’s iPhone Photography Competition.

Laura’s work was also featured in the “Strada Stretta” Exhibition in which opened last weekend in Malta and runs through May 15.

Nicknamed “The Gut” by English sailors and “La Sada” by Italians, Strait Street was Malta’s finest experience of a contemporary melting pot between social classes, nationalities and radically divergent walks of life before, during and after the WW II.

The musicians, local men of talent, filled the halls with jazz melodies they have only heard on records brought over by US soldiers. These musicians and the bar owners, men and women of entertainment, kept the street alive with a mixture of haughtiness and open-hearted hospitality, characteristic to Malta.

Last weekend’s exhibition was the first attempt to revive the tradition of the old Strait Street, to give artists a platform for their art and to bring the old spirit back.

It is all about a street with a big past in entertainment, that is planned to be brought back to it’s former glory. The pictures are of different buildings and details of the street but they also tell the story of the palazzo, where the exhibition will take place. This palazzo has been closed for the last 50 years and reopened for the first time 4 weeks ago. I had the joy of being able to take pictures in the first days before something was touched and the archive work started. There were clothes in the wardrobe, even a wedding gown, there were letters dated 1952, newspapers from the same time, photographs, amazing experience.

This experience inspired me to the competition theme for next month 🙂

Below are a few of Laura’s photos that were part of the Strada Stretta.

Photo copyright ©Laura Peischl

Photo copyright ©Laura Peischl

Photo copyright ©Laura Peischl

Photo copyright ©Laura Peischl

Photo copyright ©Laura Peischl


You can see and follow more of Laura’s work here:

Flickr: flickr.com/photos/isnob

Tumblr: laurapeischl.tumblr.com

Facebook Page: @iPhoneography-Malta

Twitter: @Xsnob

Contact Laura on Facebook: @laura.peischl

Since November 2009, the iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) is a monthly contest and is free to enter. Winners are determined by reader votes. The winner gets to choose the theme of the next competition, and to sweeten the pot, the winner also gets a feature here on Life In LoFi.

The new iPhone Photography Competition (IPC) theme is “Memories of Childhood”. This contest runs through Sunday, May 1, 2011. Click here for the rules of the IPC.