Athentech Perfectly Clear for iPhoneEven with the improved camera of the iPhone 4, Perfectly Clear [ Perfectly ] is still a regular part of my photo processing workflow. It’s one-button processing that  compensates and tweaks color, contrast and brightness in iPhone photos. It improves image sharpness, punches up normally exposed images, and can help save poorly exposed ones. I think it’s still an essential app for iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS owners.

One of Life In LoFi’s Facebook followers just pointed out that Perfectly Clear hasn’t been available in the App Store for the past day or so.

I contacted Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech Imaging, to find out what’s up with Perfectly Clear.

Brad writes:

“Your reader is correct, neither the iPhone or iPad app is there right now.  Seems to be an Apple bug as our iTunes Connect status says ready for sale and we haven’t pulled them!”

He contacted Apple today and here is their response:

“I’ll ask iTunesConnect if they have any visibility into what might be going on.  Sometimes the system hiccups and an app may disappear for a day or two.  Hopefully it’s just that.  They normally take 2-3 days to respond, so if the apps appear in the meantime let me know.”

Perfectly Clear has not been pulled. This seems to be a random App Store glitch. Now that Apple is aware of the problem, hopefully both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app will return to the App Store within a couple of days.