Instagram is the insanely popular way to quickly share your photos online with your friends (and their network of virtual friends). The online photo album creation service Keepsy has been around since last year, but has just rolled out a new feature, Instant Albums, which allows Instagrammers to easily create and share photo albums from their photostream.

Although you can also create photo albums online from SnapFish, Blurb and Apple’s iPhoto, none of them work this easily or transparently with Instagram photos.

Keepsy already has a pretty extensive toolset for group sharing the creation of the photo album. That alone looked like a pretty cool feature. I just tested their Instant Albums feature — the one that hooks into Instagram — and had an online photo book done in just a few minutes, ready to share for free or order a printed version starting at about $30.

Use your Instagram log-in and Keepsy automatically accesses your Instagram feed. It then first loads up your top 36 photos based on the number of “likes”, but gives you the option to select from all of your photos. No uploading necessary.

Ordering the photos and pages is easy drag and drop in Keepsy’s web interface. Individual photos aren’t captioned but each page can be. I loaded a single Keepsy page with 16 images before it started to look really, really packed. Keepsy’s page templates create a good, visually appealing layout in most cases. Like everything else in Keepsy, it’s easy to change. I had my photobook ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

iPhone photography makes a great personal gift. Instagram makes it easy to create, filter, and share photos. By tapping directly into your Instagram photo stream, Keepsy makes it quick and easy to share online or printed albums of your Instagram photos.

The online albums are free. Keepsy’s 11 by 8.5 inch hardback albums start at $29.95 for 30-page hardback album. Each additional set of 20 pages is $5.00 more.

Check out for more info or to create your own photo albums.