Bondi HipstaPak: Big Up Film + Watts Lens


Hipstamatic for iPhone, iPhoneographyA new HipstaPak is live in Hipstamatic’s Hipstamart now. The new Bondi HipstaPak is $0.99 as an in-app purchase and features a new lens and film.

It’s not the Hipstamatic 210 update — that hasn’t been released yet. Grab it now. This one came as a surprise.

The new Bondi HipstaPak features a new lens, the Watts Lens, and a new film, Big Up Film. Both are very saturated, very colorful. The new film features random, brightly colored, funky frames. The lens is inspired by the style of photographer Ben Watts and seems to add a lot of color saturation to the image.

The new HipstaPak is available in the current Hipstamatic 201 update. I’m not sure if this is a renamed “Endless Summer” HipstaPak that was mentioned in yesterday’s Hipstamatic 210 sneak peak. This is definitely not the new Buckhorst Lens standard equipment also mentioned.

Generally, HipstaPaks are released on the day of or shortly after a new Hipstamatic update. This one may have been approved faster than expected by Apple. Or, it may just be a surprise gift by Synthetic Infatuation. It certainly caught me by surprise.

In case this was an “accidental” release, grab it now before it goes away. As of 11:00 PM Central time, It’s available as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic for only $0.99.

UPDATE 05.16.11 @ 18:00: Reader chrisD46 passed along a great tip for this HipstaPak in the comments. In case you don’t make it down there, I’ve reposted it here:

Tips for Watts Lens & Big Up Film : Think South Beach at 4:00PM on a bright sunny day , a colorful Latin American street festival under clear cobalt blue sunny skies or any bright over the top primary colors (think outdoor side lit pop fashion) with added contrast you want to exaggerate and punch up a bit … that’s where this combo is at it’s best . Cloudy , muted , pastel , under stated , outdoor color scenes need not apply … A quick look at Ben Watts color fashion work and you will get the idea pretty quick !

The Hipstamatic app is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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Bondi HipstaPak: Big Up Film + Watts Lens