A year ago, we asked the question “How many photography apps do you currently have on your iPhone?” in our first LoFi Poll.  I thought one year out, this would be a good opportunity to see how, if at all, the numbers have changed.

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Over the past year, we’ve seen the introduction of the iPhone 4, an end to AT&T exclusivity here in the U.S., and the introduction of hundreds of new photo apps as well as some killer updates of classic ones. A lot of new iPhone owners have discovered iPhoneography. We want to know what you think.

How many photo apps do you currently have on your iPhone/iPod Touch?

This is a completely unscientific poll. I’m not even sure why the numbers break as they do, but it made sense last year when we first did the poll. You’ll only be able to vote once, but you can see all of the results here.

I’ll compare this year’s numbers with 2010’s in a recap post next week.

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Here are the final numbers from the last LoFi poll, “Which photo sharing/showcase websites do you regularly use to share your iPhoneography?” Click the image to embiggen.


Some of the other sites used that were added to the poll by users: Zapd and LomoLomo.