PhotoForge2 is available in the App Store now. It’s on sale for $0.99 USD today, Thursday, May 19, 2011, for one day only.


The normal retail price of the app will be $4.99.

After the $0.99 upgrade period is complete, PhotoForge2 will be on sale at $2.99 USD for the remainder of the month of May. Life In LoFi will be celebrating PhotoForge2 Release Weekend by giving away copies of the app throughout the weekend. Details on the Life In LoFi PhotoForge2 Giveaway are coming soon. For details on PhotoForge2, click past the jump. Here’s the link to the App Store so you can read while downloading.

PhotoForge2 - GhostBird Software

I’ll be posting my review of PhotoForge2 soon. In my initial tests (Thanks to GhostBird Software, I was able to download mine a few hours early), it’s definitely different than PhotoForge version 1. PhotoForge V1 had a pretty daunting interface for an iPhone app. PhotoForge2’s is still complex, but has excellent a great help system and guides you along the way.

How does it compare to the video preview released a few days ago? Pretty close. On an iPhone 4, it really does move fast through the commands.

While testing this app, I just kept smiling and saying “Wow!”

PhotoForge2 is a fast, very powerful, completely retooled app. For this update, there is no free upgrade for users of older versions of PhotoForge. The App Store does not provide an easy way for developers to allow their users to upgrade to a new app. Rather than charge the full $4.99 right out of the box, GhostBird Software are offering PhotoForge2 for $0.99 for launch day only, Thursday, May 19, 2011, and then it’ll be discount priced at $2.99 until the end of May.

The very SwankoLab-esque Pop! Cam module is an additional in-app purchase of $1.99.

PhotoForge2 requires at least iOS 4.2. It will run on any device that can install iOS 4.2 or greater. This includes iPhone 3G or newer, iPod Touch 2nd gen or newer, and all iPads.


PhotoForge2 is the definitive photo manipulation software for iOS. Completely rewritten from the ground up, PhotoForge2 is a breakthrough for image editing on the go. Edit full resolution photos just like on your desktop. True layers support means you can now composite multiple photos into amazing works of art. Unparalleled powerful tools like curves and levels allow you to manipulate your photos with ease. Amazing filters and effects will allow even a beginner to transform their photos into masterpieces. Once your photo is ready to be seen by the world, easily send to friends and family directly from PhotoForge2. PhotoForge2 is a must have app for any photographer: easy enough for beginners to start getting creative, yet powerful enough for the professional on the go.


Full Resolution Editing

Unlike most photo apps that show only previews of your photo, with PhotoForge2 you are always editing the full resolution image. Zoom in to see every one of your pixels at any time.


Create new layers from any photo or create an empty layer that can be filled with color. Change the layer’s blend mode and opacity, or rotate and transform it. Reorder and change layer visibility with ease. Add a mask to your layer to simply paint away portions you don’t want to see.

Powerful Adjustments

PhotoForge2 come with some of the most powerful image manipulation tools available for iOS. These include Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Un-Sharp Mask, Sharpen, HSL, White Balance, Shadows & Highlights, Brightness & Contrast, Exposure Adjustment, Noise Reduction, Vibrance.

Amazing Filters and FX

With Over 25 different fully adjustable filters and FX, there’s something for everyone. Use multiple filters to create totally unique FX.

Pop! Cam

Combine different films, lenses, filters, flashes, processing, papers and frames to create your own customized camera effect. With over 12 million combinations, find your own personal setup that can be uniquely yours.


Image Resize, Cropping, Frames and Textures.

Photo Metadata

Edit your photos IPTC and GPS metadata. Easily add GPS location to photos without or repair photos with incorrect info.


Save your photos to the photo album or email to friends and family. Upload with ease to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Drop Box, Picasa, Tumblr or to any FTP.

More info is on the PhotoForge2 website.

PhotoForge2 - GhostBird Software