We cover photography basics often here. Although I believe that the iPhone is a special camera because of the number of post-processing apps available for it, it’s still a camera. In order to get the best possible photographs, you need to start with the best possible capture.

In case you missed it a while ago, Amy-Mae Elliott wrote a great piece on Mashable covering photography basics as they relate to smartphones — all of them, not just the iPhone. If you’re new to mobile phone photography, it’s got good tips to help capture better photos in-camera. If you’ve been shooting a while, it’s a good refresher read.

In most cases, the phone has become our primary camera, but despite tech developments that can see high-end options, most of us have 5-megapixel or less snappers with limited functionality. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take great photos — it just means you have to be smart about getting the right shot.

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